These FAQs are designed to give you a better understanding of how our website works. Should you need help with a question that you do not find here please feel free to send us an email or give us a call toll-free at 1-855-893-9997.


I'm not a designer, how do I create my own fabric?

MyFabricDesigns.com offers an online fabric designing tool, the Creator. This tool allows anyone to create a seamless repeating pattern using photographs, imported clipart, and geometric shapes or choose designs from our online library. You can add text, shadows; choose your fabric color and more. We offer an online tutorial here to get started.

What file formats do you accept?

We accept files in jpg, png, and tif less than 50MG.

To achieve the best results we strongly recommend using a jpg or png to avoid any color shifts or font issues.

What size do I make my image?

We recommend images be a minimum of 150dpi (dots per inch). For example, if you want to print your design as is on an 7in x 5in swatch, with no tiling or repeating options, then you would multiply dots per inch and the height and the width.

DPI x Width   DPI x Height

150 x 7 = 1050

150 x 5 = 750

This means your image would need to be a minimum of 1050 x 750 pixels.

All images uploaded are automatically resized to 150dpi. You can adjust the dpi of your image by choosing Set Designs DPI under the tiling options after you have uploaded your file.

Please be aware of your final file size. Files must be less than 50MG to upload.

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How do I use the tiling options?

Click on any of the five available tile icons to choose how you would like your image to appear. Use the preview window to make your final choice. The options available are:

  • Default – this is a simple up and down repeating pattern
  • Drop – this is similar to the default repeat except the design is now dropped a half-step vertically (not available for images larger than 3600px x 3600px)
  • Brick – this will tile your design side to side with a half-step horizontally (not available for images larger than 3600px x 3600px)
  • Mirror – this option creates a reverse image of your design which is mirrored again creating four identical mirrored sections (not available for images larger than 3600px x 3600px)
  • Center – this option will center your design, any white spaces shown in the preview window will not be printed

How do I share designs I make in the Creator?

After you’ve created your fabric masterpiece using our online fabric creator simply click the green button “order fabric”. This will send the design to your Content Manager where you can manage it and share it to your profile.

Are there any designs I’m not allowed to upload?

Yes! You are not allowed to upload copyrighted images for which you do not have permission to reproduce. All design uploads require a copyright acknowledgment and users in violation of a copyright may have their designs and/or their accounts deleted.

Users that upload original designs and make them available for purchase to other users do retain all rights to their design.

For more information about our copyrights policy or to report an infringement on a design please visit our Terms of Service page.

Can I print a photograph on your fabrics?

Of course! Photographs printed on fabric are perfect for gifts and keepsakes of all kinds. Grandchildren on quilt blocks, wall-hangings of that perfect sunset you captured on vacation, pillows adorned with your family pet and more are all possible.

Please keep in mind that the higher the dpi of your image, the larger it will print and the richer in color it will be. For more information on image sizes please see ‘What size do I make my image?’ above.

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What types of fabrics do you offer?

We offer 27 different printable fabrics, both organic and synthetic. You can view all of our fabrics here. The best way to get to know the fabrics is to order a swatch book. For only $5.00 you will get a sample book containing all 27 fabrics.

How do I care for my printed fabric?

Caring for your fabric is no different than caring for fabrics or garments you buy from retail stores. When you receive your order you will also get care instructions for your fabric. Follow those directions to get the best results.

Will my printed fabric fade?

Rest assured that your fabric is just as durable and will wear the same as any other fabric you would purchase in a store. Our process for printing fabric includes both a pre-treatment and post print fixation process to ensure the best possible performance in terms of color fastness. By following the care instructions for your printed fabric you can ensure its maximum longevity.

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Will the fabric shrink?

All fabrics experience shrinkage. A minimal amount of shrinkage will occur during the printing process and after the fabric is washed. We recommend washing all cotton and cotton blends before use. You can find the estimated shrinkage for all of our fabrics here.

Do you have colored fabrics?

No – all of our fabrics are white. However, since you are the designer you can make the printed side of your fabric any color under the rainbow, except white. Pure white in a design will be knocked out and the fabric color will be used in its place. For any other colors simply create the color you want as the background of your design. Then, choose a tiling option that fills the fabric. That’s it, colored fabric designed by you for you.

What is the largest yardage of fabric I can print?

We are able to accommodate up to 10 continuous yards of fabric per order. For example, if you place an order for 15 yards of fabric we will contact you to find out how you would like your fabric cut. You could choose to receive two pieces of fabric; one 10 yards and the other 5 yards. Or, one piece at 7 yards and the other at 8 yards etc.

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How do I upload designs to share?

There are three ways to upload designs for sharing. First, make sure you are logged into your account.

  1. Through your Content Manager located in your dashboard click on Upload Fabric Design on the left hand side of your screen.
  2. In the Fabric Creator click on Purchase Fabric. The design you have created will be saved to your Content Manager and you can go there to manage and share your design.
  3. From the main menu select Design/Upload your fabric design file. Select the file you wish to purchase and check the box that says “Share my design”. Once your purchase is completed the design will appear in your Content Manger where you can manage it.

Do I have to order a sample of my design before I can share it?

No! It is not necessary to order a swatch of a design before it can be shared. While we do recommend for 100% color accuracy you do order a swatch, it is not a requirement to share your design.

I uploaded my design and I see an option to allow other users to use my design. What is that?

Congratulations – you are a bona fide textile designer! By checking the share box your design will appear in the SHOP section of our website. Anytime someone orders fabric with your design you get a 15% royalty from the sale! How cool is that? We think it’s pretty cool. Please note that until you complete a tax file in your profile the option to share your designs will not appear. We have tax forms for both domestic and foreign designers.

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How do I edit my shared designs?

Once logged in to the MyFabricDesigns.com site click on My Account and then select Content Manager. Click on Manage above the design you’d like to edit. A window will pop up with options to change the category, name, tags, tiling option, dpi and the option to share or unshare your design is also located here. Click on the green Save button to save your changes.

When can I use my account credits?

Account credits for money earned on your shared designs are tracked as each order ships and can be viewed in your account dashboard at any time. Credits may take 30 days to appear; for use on future purchases or to count towards the $5 minimum threshold for a PayPal payment to be made to you.

Where do I see my credits for designs I have sold?

Log in to your MyFabricDesigns.com account. Click on My Account then My Credits. Pending credits are tracked as each order ships and are shown in your dashboard. It may take up to 30 days for pending credits to be made available for use.

Once posted, credits can be used toward future purchases or you may request a payment sent to you when you reach $5 in total credit.

All credits are paid via PayPal and you must be a registered PayPal user to receive payment.

How to do unshare a design?

Log into your MyFabricDesigns.com account and select My Account and then Content Manager from your dashboard. Click on the Manage option above the image you wish to remove from the shared library. Uncheck the Share Design box and then click on the green save button. Your design will be immediately removed from the shared view.

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How do I order the fabric?

You have three options to order fabric.
1) Upload your own artwork, select your fabric type and size 2) Click on the Shop button to browse our online library of designs. Select a design, choose your fabric type and size or 3) Use our online Creator to design your own repeating pattern and then click on the Order Fabric button.

How long does it take to get my fabric?

We ship most orders within 10-15 business days but it is not a guarantee due to the nature of custom fabric printing. The reactive die process takes more time to print than the pigment or sublimation processes. All orders are printed on-demand and we do not stock any pre-printed fabrics. All of our fabrics are printed on the best quality fabrics in Thailand. Everything is custom made to order. Our process does take time to ensure the satisfactory of our clients and to maintain our quality standards. We know you'll be pleased with your order when you receive it .

What is your return policy?

We want you to love your fabric! If you receive your order and the fabric is damaged or contains a manufacturing flaw we will replace it or refund it. Because every order at MyFabricDesigns is a custom order returns for any other reasons are addressed individually by our customer service department.

How do I know what my final printed fabric will look like?

The preview window shown when selecting your fabric accurately reflects how your design will look when you receive it. The gray rulers on the top and left side of the design are the width and length of the fabric. The rulers change, along with the design placement, depending on the size of the fabric, type of fabric and tiling options you select.

If you are not happy with what you see in the preview window using the options you have selected you can change the options or, edit your design in your preferred software platform and re-upload your file.

How can I be sure the colors on the fabric I order will match the colors I see on my computer screen or home printer?

Colors will vary based on the material they are printed on. The best way to ensure a color match is to order a test swatch. You can order a 7in x 5in swatch using your uploaded design on any of our fabrics. Please note white in a design will not print, instead the color of the fabric will substitute for any white in your design.

For a more in depth color analysis you can order a Color Matrix on one yard of any fabric type. It contains 1460 color chips with their equivalent HEX value for more precise control of your colors for final output. You can also download an ASE file containing all of the color chips on our Color Matrix to load into your graphic software for use. Download it here.

How do I use your Color Guide and Color Matrix to match my artwork?

These tools are guides to show you a color spectrum on a fabric type. The Color Matrix can be ordered on any of our fabrics while the Guide is available only on Basic Combed Cotton. An HEX value is given for each color chip and shows you how that color will print on the fabric. Using your imaging software you can apply these HEX values to your design file to assure a color match. We recommend for 100% accuracy that you order a swatch of your design. Swatches are $5.00.

What is digital printing?

Digital textile printing involves a highly-specialized ink jet printer which prints directly onto fabric (pigment printing) or depending on the fabric type, a reactive or sublimation heat transfer process. Digital printing uses less energy, creates less waste and allows for small runs of fabric.

Can you explain the difference in your three printing methods?

All three of our printing methods include a pre-treatment to the base fabric and a post-fixation treatment after the ink has been applied to the fabric. By doing this we ensure the ink adheres properly to the material and gives you the best possible color fastness.

For most of our natural fiber fabrics we use pigment printing which is a direct to fabric process. The ink is applied to the fabric as it rolls through the printer. Next it goes through a heat fixation process to set the ink.

Reactive printing works on both natural and silk fabrics and bonds directly and permanently to the fabric fibers. This is a multi-step process in which the design is printed onto special paper and then pressure transferred onto the fabric using an aqueous solution. The final step involves washing and drying the fabric after which the print is made permanent. This method offers no effect on the hand of the fabric and provides the greatest color fastness of any method.

Sublimation printing is the gold standard for printing onto polyester fabrics. The desired image is printed onto paper and then heat transferred to the fabric. The ink becomes a part of the fabric structure with little effect on the hand. It offers deep rich colors with wonderful color fastness and is perfect for photographic images.

How do I know what printing method is going to be used on the fabric I order?

We include the printing method on each fabric detail page and for reference we have created the chart below.




  • Basic Combed Cotton
  • Cotton Poplin
  • Cotton Voile
  • Heavy Cotton Twill
  • Cotton Voile
  • Linen Cotton Blend
  • Organic Cotton Interlock Knit
  • Organic Cotton Jacquard
  • Premium Cotton

  • Cotton Silk
  • Interlock Blend
  • Organic Cotton Sateen
  • Silk Crepe de Chine
  • Silk Crinkle Linen

  • Chiffon
  • Faux Linen Canvas
  • Faux Linen Slub
  • Faux Linen Slub Sheer
  • Flame Retardent Faux Linen Canvas
  • Nylon Lycra Blend
  • Performance Knit
  • Polyester Crepe Jersey
  • Polyester French Terry
  • Polyester Pongee Silk
  • Polyester Slub Jersey
  • Quadri Performance Sport Knit
  • Satin
  • Silky Faille